Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Byte array truncation to a length of 8000 - NHibernate Mapping from binary to SqlDbType.Image in Sql server ce

There is currently an issue in saving a binaryblob to sql server ce as SqlDbType.Image. It throws the following error:

Byte array truncation to a length of 8000.

To solve this do the following:

1. Create a new driver class as shown below and override the InitializeParamenter method.

public class YourSqlServerCeDriver : SqlServerCeDriver
protected override void InitializeParameter(IDbDataParameter dbParam, string name, SqlType sqlType)
base.InitializeParameter(dbParam, name, sqlType);

if (sqlType is BinarySqlType)


PropertyInfo dbParamSqlDbTypeProperty = dbParam.GetType().GetProperty("SqlDbType");

dbParamSqlDbTypeProperty.SetValue(dbParam, SqlDbType.Image, null);




2. Use this Driver type as YourSqlServerCeDriver instead of the default SqlServerCeDriver in the NHibernate Configuration.


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